Yosemite Winter Wonderland 2017

GO Santa Barbara/Ventura County traveled to Yosemite National Park Feb 17-20 to experience Yosemite in it's winter stillness. We stayed in the heated tent cabins of Half Dome Village (formerly Camp Curry).  Some people hiked, some people skied.  We played board games.  We had brunch at the Ahwahnee. 

Skyline-to-the-Sea Beginner Backpack Trip 

Click here for a wonderful trip review and photos from a gorgeous backpack trip in the Bay Area.

Halloween Party 2017

This gallery has a few photos from the GO Halloween Party that was hosted at John's and Robert's Saloon. 


Miscellaneous GO SB/VC Photos 

This gallery  houses a bunch of random photos from GO Santa Barbara/Ventura County trips within the past 4-5 years.  You can see the wide variety of places we visit.

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